Kids can start boxing as young  7 years old*

*Call Joe for details

Helpful Hints and Information: 

* Dues/Payments:  Cash, Check, or Credit Cards. (Cash and Checks need to be given directly  to Coach Joe or Management

* Parking:  Is in the Downtown spots around the Town Hall, or Parking lots. 


* Weight Room: Please note, the dead-lift equipment is closed 10PM-6AM; There are no exceptions.


* Music: Headphone use after 9pm

* Lights/ Heat: Help keep membership costs down, If you are last to leave- Please turn off the lights and lower heat to 55 degrees.

* Visitors:  Typically, non-members are not allowed to use the facility. There are exceptions- Please contact management for details.

* After Hours:  Exceptions can sometimes be made; Speak with a manager for details and exceptions.


                           Security Cameras recording 24/7- Recordings to assist in safety and security of our members.

Boxing gym and Workout Facility

Membership: Due1st of the month

Gym Membership: $30/ Month

There is a $25 Annual fee to join

Workout Facility Hours:

6am- 10pm (7 days a week)*

Exceptions: See a manager

Under 18 MUST be Accompanied by an adult

Hours of Operations:

Monday - Friday  5:30pm-7:30pm

Saturday               9am-11am

Boxing Instruction

501c (3) non-profit organization

Jass Boxing