501c (3) non-profit organization

Jass Boxing is a non-profit 501 c3 organization. We rely on the community's support to help with operation expenses and unexpected financial setbacks.

Jass Boxing

Tax Deductible  Donations

  _$5.00___    _$10.00______   _$15.00_________   _$25.00______  $50.00_______  $100.00_______   _Other_______

Payments:  Check  or Credit Card*   

 *Call With Credit Card Information

                                                             Merchandise Available!

                                  Purchase your T-shirt or Sweatshirt today and help Jass Boxing!

                       T-Shirts are $20;                                                               Sweatshirts are $30

   Black, Navy, Pink, Forest Green and maroon                Call or Email for Available Size and color


     Pewter Boxing Glove Keychain:  $20.00                                          Silicone Bands  $2.00

      (Keychains are heavy and solid Pewter)                                  (available in Adult and Youth)

                                                                                                     Black, Navy, Pink, Maroon, Blue

                        Laynards  ($TBD)                                                          Red, and   Black/Blue

                          (Coming Soon)