501c (3) non-profit organization

Jass Boxing's Non-profit Programs 

Jass Boxing

Who comes under the non-Profit?

  • Any Child in Foster care
  • Any Domestic Violence Victims
  • Sexual Assaulted Victims
  • People who lost their jobs
  • Ward of the state
  • Those out on Probation-
  • Any at risk youth or young adult.

Some programs we have worked with

  • Seacoast Youth Substances
  • Dover Group Home
  • Mary Hurd Academy

How does this program work?

  • Foster care families can apply for a grant. This is not required
  • Domestic and abuse victims are welcomed in gym… No paper trail (nothing filled out)
  • Unemployed: Once new employment is accepted. 4 months before we ask that membership is paid…. No back pay of membership is ever collected
  • Those that are just released from jail/prison
  • Youth, or Young adults who are orphaned
  • Those that may be on Probation, for any reason.

What does the program offer?

                Jass offers a free from judgement environment.  Some choose to talk about their past, others choose to keep that to themselves. Either way, everyone at Jass boxing is treated the same, with respect and all we ask is respect in return. 

                Jass prides itself on helping to build self-esteem. We stress the importance of education. Our trainers teach the importance of dedication, commitment, and teamwork.